Bridget McMullen

Birth Name Bridget McMullen
Gender female
Age at Death about 59 years, 8 months, 29 days


Bridget on the census after death of Joseph:
Series: T9 Roll: 1008 Page: 270
at 199? Cannon

Drummond, Bridget, 50, widowed, wash woman, Ireland IRE IRE
Dennis, 21, works in iron mill, Canada IRE IRE
Mary, 13, Ohio, Canada, Ireland

Bridget in the Cleveland city directory listings:
1880 Drummond Bridget Mrs 2425 Elmo [about 3959 E. 86th St, after 1905]
1881 Drummond Bridget wid Jos 1977 Cannon
1882 Drummond Bridget wid Jos 1977 Cannon
1883 Drummond Bridget Mrs Way, 5th house east of Sawyer [Sawyer is E 93rd, after 1905]
1887 Drummond Bridget wid Jos 2400 Burke
1888 Drummond Bridget wid Jos 2431 Elmo [about 3959 E. 89th St, after 1905]
1890 Drummond Bridget wid Jos Worley nr Brecksville

The index to her death record from
Drummond Bridget 9/30/1889 57 yr Vol 4 Page 129


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1830 Ireland   1 2
Event Note

The only sources I have for the birth locations of the four older known children of Patrick McMullen and Catherine Singleton are the children's later census records. I suspect that all four, Bridget, John, Dennis, and Essy, were born in Ireland, but I am not positive. There are no records of their births in Montreal.

Residence 1888 Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States 2431 Elmo 3
Event Note

1888 Cleveland City Directory
Drummond Bridget, widow Jos., r 2431 Elmo
Drummond, Dennis, engineer, r 1766 Worley

Death September 30, 1889 Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States   4a
Event Note

Ohio, County Death Records, Volume 4, page 129
Bridget Drummond, died 30 Sept 1889, on Worley Street, of heart disease.
born in US, age 57
at at
Ohio, County Death Records, 1840-2001, Cuyahoga, Death records, 1884-1890, vol 3-4
image 617

Bridget's son Dennis and her daughter Amelia Johnson were both living on Worley in 1888.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Patrick McMullenbetween 1847 and 1858
Mother Catherine Singletonabout 1799May 5, 1865
         Bridget McMullen about 1830 September 30, 1889
    Brother     John McMullen about 1831
    Brother     Dennis McMullen about 1834 November 26, 1899
    Sister     Essy McMullen about 1841
    Sister     Mary McMullen January 22, 1847


Family of John Cassidy and Bridget McMullen

Married Husband John Cassidy ( b. about 1818 d. June 9, 1848 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage August 10, 1847 Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Québec, Canada   5

Family of Joseph Drummond and Bridget McMullen

Married Husband Joseph Drummond ( b. about 1810 d. November 9, 1871 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage August 29, 1853 Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Québec, Canada   5
Event Note

Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967, at
Name: Joseph Drummond
Spouse: Bridget McMullen
Event: Mariage (Marriage)
Marriage Year: 1853
Marriage Location: Montréal, Québec (Quebec)
Place of Worship or Institution: Basilique Notre-Dame

Joseph Drummond and Bridget McMullen

the 29th April 1853 ['after the publication of vows, etc. ...] Joseph Drummond, of age, the widower of Judith Shea, of this parish, and Bridget McMullen, of age, widow of John Cassidy, [...] in the presence of Jean Baptiste Saucer, John M[....] Shea, who signed below with the husband, and of Denis McMullen who has declared tht he does not know how to write.

This is a transcription and translation of the marriage record of Joseph Drummond and Bridget McMullen.
Source: Quebec Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967, images at

Basilique Notre-Dame
Montréal, Québec

Me. 107

Le vingt neuf aout mil huit cent cinquante trois apres le presentation d'un ban de mariage
The twenty-ninth [of] August one thousand eight hundred and fifty three after the presentation of a marriage ban

sans empechment ni opposition la desponde
without impediment? or opposition

[8 words unreadable] Mssr Pierre Bollandele Grande Vicare de Clineque? de Montreal, je pretre soussigné .....
[with the authority of/ or vested in me by?] Mr. Pierre Bolandele, Grand Vicar of the ... of Montreal, I the undersigned priest

..... pris le mutuel consentement per parole de present
..... taking the mutual consent by the word of those present

de Joseph Drummond, journalier, veuf majeur de Judith Shay de cette paroisse ... d'... part
of Joseph Drummond, day laborer, widower, of age, of Judith Shea of this parish, on [his?] part

et de Bridget McMullen veuve majeure de John Cassidy cordonnier d'Albany d'autre part;
and of Bridget McMullen, widow, of age, of John Cassidy, shoemaker of Albany, on the other part

les ai maries suivant les loi et [continual observement?] en la Saint Eglise
have married them according to the law and .... in the Holy Church

en presence de Jean Baptiste Sancer, de John Mannill[?] Shay, soussigne [....] l'espoux,
in the presence of Jean Baptiste Sancer, of John Mannill[?] Shey, undersigned [for?] the spouse

et Denis McMullen, le [ganel?], ainse que l'espouse a declare' no savoir signer
and of Denis McMullen, the ..., for the bride, who has declared he does not know how to sign [his name.]

signed Joseph Drummond, J.B. Sancer, John M. Shea, C.C.? Cormalle/Connelly? [the priest]

[Note: the priest's name was clearly readable as J.J. Connolly on Bridget's first marriage.]

[Note-- J.B. Sancer was a witness to many of the marriages in these records, so he must have
been some kind of official, not a friend of the bride and groom.]

[Note: from and
from "journalier= Worker paid by the day, often in agriculture."]

Name Birth Date Death Date
Joseph DrummondJune 5, 1854April 22, 1855
Alexander DrummondOctober 16, 18551874
Dennis DrummondMarch 1860May 30, 1927
Lettie Drummondabout 1861
Amelia DrummondNovember 1, 1862August 28, 1943
Mary Drummondabout 1866May 18, 1960