Annabel Page

Birth Name Annabel Page
Gender female


Source for name of Joseph's second wife:
Some Pioneer Settlers on Upper Penobscot
Joseph Inman From York, ME., his father is said to have died there at the age of 120. Duty INMAN, son of Joseph, saw him there at the age of 115. His wife was Annabel, probably daughter of Joseph PAGE. He was in Kenduskeag Plantation, 1789; probably within the limits of what is now Orono. Said to have settled there June 1783. Another account says he married Betsy, sister of Stephen PAGE, one of the first settlers of Orono; she died at the age of 94. It is said that she once killed a bear while on her way to the mill with a grist on her back. He died, age 98 and his wife at age 94. Children, I am not sure of.

Bangor Historical Magazine 1885-94, Maine Genealogical Society, Special Publication No. 14, Volume 4-8 edited by Joseph W. Porter. Picton Press, Camden Maine.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Joseph Pageabout 1727February 17, 1817
Mother before 1745after 1810
    Brother     Joseph Page between 1755 and 1765
    Brother     Isaac Page between 1755 and 1770
    Brother     James Page between 1755 and 1770
    Brother     Stephen Page 1775 January 4, 1857
    Sister     Huldah Page about 1778 between 1850 and 1860
    Sister     Phoebe Page about 1778 between 1850 and 1860
    Sister     Polly Page
         Annabel Page


Family of Joseph Inman and Annabel Page

Married Husband Joseph Inman ( b. about 1754 d. October 15, 1825 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Henry Inman
Daniel Inman
Duty Inman
Adam Inman
Thomas Inman
Elias Inman
Charlotte Inman
Joanna Inmanabout 1804March 6, 1888
Allen Inman