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Number Author Name
1 1800 United States Census
2 1810 United States Census
3 1820 United States Census
4 1830 United States Census
5 1840 United States Census
6 1841 Census of England
7 1841 Census, oldest known child Sarah, age 6.1841 England Census Dronfield, Derbyshire Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece 195; Book: 1; Civil Parish: Dronfield; County: Derbyshire; Enumeration District: 4; Folio: 41; Page: 11; Line: 4; GSU roll: 241297.
8 1841 England Census, Dronfield, Derbyshire (Father's household).
9 1841 England Census, Dronfield, DerbyshireSource Citation: Class: HO107; Piece 195; Book: 1; Civil Parish: Dronfield; County: Derbyshire; Enumeration District: 4; Folio: 41 Page: 11; Line: 10; GSU roll: 241297. Born out of county.
10 1850 Census, Greenburg Boro., Westmoreland Co., PA. Place of birth is assumed to be York, since her father seems to have stayed there until 1806/07. See his notes.
11 1850 Census Hempfield Twp. Westmoreland Co., PASeries M432, Roll 837, pages 211, 212.
12 1850 United States Census
13 1851 Census for birthplace.1851 England Census, Dronfield, Derbyshire Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2148; Folio: 503; Page: 18; GSU roll: 87781. Censuses differ as to age.
14 1851 Census of England
15 1851 Census of Scotland
16 1860 Census, Tennessee, Giles County, Lynville P.O. Series M653, Roll 1251, page 91. Census page 181, and other censuses.
17 1860 United States Census
18 1861 Census of Dronfield, husband's household.Source Citation: Class: RG9; Piece: 2537; Folio: 43; Page: 1; GSU roll:542986.
19 1861 Census of England
20 1861 Census of Scotland
21 1861 England Census, Sheffield, YorkshireSource information: RG9/3472 ED, institution, or vessel: 29; Folio: 105; Page: 5.
22 1870 Census: 6th Ward Altoona, Blair Co., PA Series M 593, Roll 1349 Page 752.
23 National Archives and Records Administration 1870 United States Census
24 1871 Census, Dronfield, Derby, England, at 66 Stoops Lane, with Grattons.Source Citation: Class: RG10; Piece: 3623; Folio: 57; Page: 14; GSUroll: 841847[found at by looking for Thomas Jenkinson, not the Grattons.]
25 1871 Census of Dronfield, household of James Gratton.
26 1871 Census of England
27 1871 Census of Newbold, Derbyshire, at,1881 British Census, Chesterfield, Derby, England Public Records Office Reference RG11 Piece/Folio: 3432/92 Page 78. at
28 1871 Census of Newbold, Derbyshire, at
29 1871 Census of Scotland
30 1873-80: letters from America to Emily and William Hall,[from Agnes and Henry Billups] at the Derbyshire Record Office, Reference #:D2941/2/1/1-35. Letter 22, dated 4 May 1878 "I must thall you Jane Billups is marrid but thayar in indear and thay ar Farming on shirs [shares?]"
31 1880 Census, Maryland, Allegheny Co., FrostburgSeries T9, Roll 493, Page 265C. E.D. 11
32 1880 United States Census Derry, Westmoreland, PennsylvaniaSeries T9, Roll 1204, Page 116C
33 1880 United States Census Perkiomen, Montgomery, Pennsylvania Series T9, Roll 1158, Page 399Ctranscribed at: with likely parents, and 1910 Montgomery County, 6th Ward of Norristown Boro Series T624 Roll 1379 Page 169. Enum Dist 120, sheet 19B, line 68. (employee at State Hospital for Criminally Insane)
34 1880 United States Census
35 1881 British Census, Census Place Dronfield, Derby, EnglandPublic Records Office Reference RG11Piece / Folio: 3444/64, Page 19. At
36 1881 British Census Chesterfield, Derby, EnglandPublic Records Office Reference RG11 Piece / Folio 3431 / 14 Page Number 21
37 1881 British Census, Peover Superior, Cheshire, England, Public Records Office Reference RG11, Piece/Folio: 3511/9, Page 12.
38 1881 Census, Brampton, Derby, England, husband's household, Henry Boswell. RG11 Piece/Folio 3438/105, page 50.
39 1881 Census of Scotland
40 1885 Iowa Census
41 1885 New Jersey Census
42 1890 US Veteran's Schedule
43 1891 Census of Canada
44 1900 Census 3WD Altoona, Blair Co, PA, Series T623, Roll 1380, Page 129
45 1900 Census, 6th Ward of Johnstown, Cambria Co., PASeries T623, Roll 1389, page 50. Agrees with other census reports and application for marriage license. Her obituary for location.
46 1900 Census, PA, Allegheny Co., 17th Ward PittsburghSeries T623, Roll 1361, Page 48
47 1900 Census, PA, Westmoreland Co., Jeannette BoroSeries T623, Roll 1498, Page 177B, E.D. 104,
48 1900 Federal Census, PA, Cambria, Wilmore Series T623, Roll 1389, Page 236. Headstone said 1831.
49 1900 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Alleghany County, 17th ward of Pittsburgh, Series T623, Roll 1361, Page 85 for Celia widowed, living with children.
50 1900 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Alleghany County, 17th ward of Pittsburgh, Series T623, Roll 1361, Page 85
51 1900 Federal Census, Portage Twp., Cambria Co., PennsylvaniaSeries T623, Roll 1389, page 112. Enum. Dist 52, Sheet 2A
52 1900 United States Federal Census
53 1901 Census preview at
54 1901 England Census Bucklow, Cheshire Civil parish: Peover Superior, Registration district: Bucklow, Sub-registration district: Knutsford. Source information: RG13/3330, ED, institution, or vessel: 7; Folio: 34; Page: 13, at
55 1905 New York State Census
56 1910 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Allegheny Co., 9th Ward ofPittsburgh. Series T624, Roll 1302, page 78, Enum. Dist 385, Sheet 16B. (
57 1910 United States Federal Census
58 1911 Census of Canada
59 1915 New York Census
60 1920 Census, 24th Ward of Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio,Series T625, Roll 1371, ED 466, Sheet 13A
61 1920 Census, Penn Twp. Fort Pitt Dist., Westmoreland Co., PA, Series T625, Roll 1664, Page 10A.
62 1920 Census with parents.
63 1920 United States Census
64 1930 Census information says he and his wife both were 31 when married. 1930 Federal Census, Florida, Pinellas Co., St Petersburg. ED 52-3, Sheet 15A, line 7ff. Dwelling 400, family 413
65 1930 Census Jeannette Boro., Westmoreland, Pennsylvania, Roll: 2157; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 65.
66 1930 Federal Census, Allegheny Co., Pittsburgh, PA Microfilm Series T626, Roll 1977, Enum Dist 224, Sheet 18A.
67 1930 Federal Census, Ohio, Cuyahoga Co., East Cleveland,Series T626, Roll 1785, ED 18-601, Sheet 14B. image 0227.
68 1930 Federal Census, Pennsylvania, Clearfield Co., Clearfield Borough Microfilm Series T626, Roll 2017, Enum Dist 17-15, Sheet 1A.
69 National Archives and Records Administration 1930 United States Census
70 1935 Florida Census
71 1940 United States Census
72 1945 Florida Census
73 About 1909 acc to 1910 Census.
74 A file at rootsweb says he died in Feb, not June.
75 Age at death on the Cambridgeshire Burial Index, that matches at
76 Age of oldest known child.
77 Allegheny County Vital Statistic Indexes
78 Johnstown Trubune-Democrat, Marriages in Indiana
79 Announcement St. Petersburg Times - Aug 7, 1949, page 31. Confirmed by SSDI for both in Pinellas Co.
80 Announcement, St. Petersburg Times, Sept 4, 1941. Image at
81 Babinsack Family Tree,
82 Based on birth of first child.
83 Based on christening information.
84 Based on date of christening, but christened same date as his sister Mary.
85 Based on date of christening, but was christened same date as her brother Thomas.
86 Based only on births of known children.
87 Based on probable burial. He is not on 1841 Census index.
88 Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Cambria County,(Philadelphia: The Union Publishing Company, 1896),p. 46, 47, transcribed at ~pacambri. Transcription copyright 2000, Lynne Canterbury and Diann Olsen.
89 Della Reagan Fischer Births - Baptisms of the First Lutheran Church, Westmoreland Co., Greensburg, PA
90 Boston City Directories
91 Brian Cartwright's western Pennsylvania families
92 Brigid Wakefield Richards, gedcom file at entitled "Wakefield's of Indiana County, Pennsylvania," updated 14 Oct 2003. Agrees with age given in transcription of headstone at Sandyvale Cemetery found at
93 brother's obituary
94 Images of obituary cards online Browning Genealogy Database
95 Buffalo City Directories
96 Calculated from age given at death.
97 California Death Index
98 California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 1835-1979
99 Cambria Tribune
100 Cambridge Marriages
101 Cambridgeshire Banns Transcriptions
102 Cambridgeshire Baptisms
103 Cambridgeshire Burial Index 1801-37
104 Cambridgeshire Burials
105 Cemetery index at index.htm.
106 Cemetery Records online. pinellas/cemetery/sunnyside.txt.
107 Cemetery Transcription
108 Censuses, biography and eulogy.
109 Censuses
110 Censuses?
112 C.M. Chestnutwood Chestnutwood Ancestral File submission
113 City Directories
114 Civil Registration Index at
115 Civil Registration Index at
116 Civil Registration Index or censuses?
117 Civil War Draft Registrations,
118 Cleveland Public Library Cleveland News Index and Necrology File
119 Copy of death record in possession of descendant.
120 Copyrighted transcription at of their marriage announcement in Democrat & Sentinel, Ebensburg, Pa, Wednesday, 11 May 1859, VOL 6, NO 25.
121 Correspondence
122 Cuyahoga County Marriage Index
123 Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Marriage Records and Indexes,
124 Dan McClenahen, editor, Obituaries of Mifflin County 1822 - 1880, (Volume 1).
125 Date of will, and location where he wrote his will "frail in body."
126 Daughter May was 10 on the 1870 Census of the 5th ward of Dubuque, Dubuque Co., IA
127 Daughter's second marriage announcement for middle name.
128 Day and month calculated from age at death. (See note at death.) Year from all but one census report and from PAF file of Nicholas and Paulina (Knepper) Crum family which said Jan 13, 1823. Location from Phyllis M. Oyler (compiler), Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown, Pennsylvania: a recreation of burials, 1850-1906, (Closson Press, 1986)
129 Death notice, Johnstown Tribune, Jan 25, 1881, separate page from obituary. Photocopy from Cambria County Library. And Oyler's list of burials in Sandyvale.
130 Death record
131 Death record. See note at birth date.
132 Kathleen M. Battye, Editor Diary of Joseph Jenkinson of Dronfield
133 District of Columbia Births and Christenings
134 Divorced, with mother in 1930. Census El Paso, El Paso, TexasSeries T626, Roll 2329, Page 1B. ED 74.
135 Donahue-Hamill marriage record
136 Ebensburg Democrat and sentinel
137 Ed Morrill, message posted at York County message board on 30 Nov 2003
138 Eleanor Wicks research
139 Ellis Island Records
140 Email from a descendant.
141 England and Wales, Civil Registration Index: 1837-1900, at
142 England, Civil Registrations, Marriages
143 England Deaths and Burials
144 English Billups group .pdf files
145 English Billups Spreadsheets
146 Estimated from 1841 Census.
147 Estimate from age at death (10 months).
148 Family Bible of Henry and Sarah Kern Kiel
149 Family information, copy of church marriage record. In St. John's Episcopal Church, by (Rev.) Jefferson Danner. Witnesses: Walter A. Rowe and Frances Sykes.
150 Family information. Matches 1850 Federal Census, PA, Cambria Summerhill Twp, Series M432, Roll 761, Page 97.
151 Family information. Matches 1870 Census 2nd Ward, Johnstown, Series M593, Roll 1317, Page 208, line 27
152 Family information. Matches age at death on headstone in Sandyvale cemetery. Transcribed headstone inscription at:
153 Family information, matches Federal Census 1880, PA, Cambria County, East Conemaugh Twp Series T9, Roll 1110, Page 268, ED 195, Page 268A, Line 33ff.
154 Family information
155 Family note that gives his age at death as 46. Note in possession of descendant.
156 Family Trees at
159 Florida Death Index
160 Florida Divorce Index,
162 From age on burial record. Cambridgeshire Burial Index 1801-37.Cambridgeshire Family History Society, at
163 John Osborne Austin Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island
164 General Index to Pension Files,
165 Genforum, "Crum Maryland Marriages, 1667-1899," March 23, 2005
166 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934
167 blh166 Hamilton Family Tree, blh166
168 cladutko Hamilton Family Tree, cladutko
169 Mark Hamilton Hamilton Family Tree, Mark Hamilton
170 Headstone in Sandyvale cemetery. Transcribed headstone inscription at:
171 Frank Wilson Kiel Hendrik Gerrit Kiel -- Dutch Immigrant to Pennsylvania
172 Henry W. Storey, History of Cambria County, Chapter 13,"Land-Titles", pages 290-310, as found at http:// amcnty/ PA/ Cambria/Cambria13.htm
173 Her death notice as transcribed at ~pacambri
174 mairg42 Her first husband died in 1843. Five year old daughter on 1850 Census, Johnstown, Cambria Co., PA, Series M432, Roll 761, page 210.
175 Her husband's obituary.
176 Her obituary card.
177 Her obituary
178 His obituary. Also Phyllis M. Oyler (compiler), Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown, Pennsylvania: a recreation of burials, 1850-1906, (Closson Press, 1986).
179 His obituary as transcribed.
180 His obituary in The Tribune, Johnstown, Tuesday Jan 25, 1881.Photocopy received from Cambria County Library. Date agrees with all censuses and headstone transcription. His 1850 Census says "Cape Island." What is now the city of Cape May, New Jersey, was called Cape Island until 1869. (1850 Federal Census, PA, Cambria Summerhill Twp Series M432, Roll 761, Page 97, at
181 His obituary.
182 His obituary. The Index to Cambria County Wills at ~pacambri contains the following: Kern, S. M., Vol 9, Page 291, Year 1888.
183 His wife, Margaret Brady's obituary, which appeared in:CAMBRIA FREEMAN EBENSBURG, PA Friday, 8 Apr 1892, was transcribed at: ~pacambri/news/1892CF.html, identifies the members of this family.
185 Hugh Donahoe, Declaration of Intention
186 Husband's remarriage. See his notes.
187 Husband was widowed and living with his father by 1920 Census, Jeanette Borough, Westmoreland Co, PA, Series T625, Roll 1664, ED 130, Sheet 10A.
188 Image at of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 17 Feb 1936. Marriage to occur at First Presbyterian Church, Jeannette, Harold F. Post officiating.
189 Image downloaded from interest.html of the Obituary Index for the Cambria-Tribune, Johnstown, PA, 1853-1885, compiled from Patricia Wainwright Collins' Marriages and Deaths from Cambria Tribune, Vol. I - Vol. V, Clossen Press, Apollo, PA, 1981-1986.
190 Image of marriage record from GRO obtained by email from Billups relative in England.
191 Images of Patricia Wainwright Collins' Marriages and Deaths from Cambria Tribune, (Apollo, PA: Clossin Press, 1981-1986) at
192 Indenture Papers, Patrick McQuaid to JS and GW Kern, 1827, Greensburg, PA
193 Index to 1841 British Census, Family History Society Search Film: HO107/81/17, Folio:12B
194 Index to Cambria County Wills at the Cambria County website on
195 Index to West Virginia Deaths, 1853-1970,
196 Indiana, Marriages, 1780-1992
197 International Genealogical Index
198 Jackson County, Missouri, Recorder of Deeds
199 Jacob remarried in 1861.
200 James' obituary in 1881 said they had been married "thirty-five years ago."
201 Jill Kern Orr research
202 Johnstown Daily Tribune
203 Kentucky, Death Records, 1852-1953, ancestry
204 Kentucky Marriages
205 LessaClayton Family Tree at
206 in B.F. Vogle, History of Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., PA List of Taxable Inhabitants of Greensburg in 1817, with tax assessed
207 Los Angeles, California, City Directory
208 Della Reagan Fischer Marriage and Death Notices from Weekly Newspapers, 1818 - 1865, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
209 marriage record
210 Marriage records. Photocopy received from Cambria County Courthouse.
211 Maryland, Births and Christenings Index, 1662-1911
212 Maryland, Marriages, 1666-1970," index, FamilySearch
213 Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915
214 Massachusetts Marriages, 1841-1915
215 Memoir of H. R. Kern
216 message from family member, March 2016
217 Minnesota, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1990, familysearch
218 Missouri Marriage Records
219 Month and date from family Bible of her parents which reads: "Married on the 30th October/by the Rev. Henry R. Kern/Mr. Thomas Young to Miss/Margaret E. Kiel Daughter of/H G Kiel and S Kiel all/of the Bourow of Greensburgh." Fischer's Marriages and Death Notices, page 137, from the Pennsylvania Argus of November 4, 1842, provides the year.
220 Month and year from family. Date from Cleveland Necrology Files at
221 Moses Crum family Bible
222 Cindy Zalucki Miller and other contributors Mt Union Cemetery transcription
223 Diana Fields My Fields Line - no date
224 Name from daughter Susanna's christening info at IGI.
225 Name from: Rootsweb database, Our O'Neal HistoryUpdated: Sun Nov 30 2003, Contact: Ken O'Neal
226 National Records of Scotland
227 Pennsylvania. Court of Common Pleas (Indiana County) Naturalization index, 1806-1902 [Pennsylvania]
228 Dan McClenahen Naturalization Papers of Mifflin 1803 - 1906.
229 New Jersey Births and Christenings
230 New Jersey Deaths and Burials
231 New Jersey Marriages, 1678-1985
232 new something
233 Mary Jane Mains, compiler Newspaper accounts of births, marriages & deaths, 1808-1929 (not all inclusive)
234 New York Births and Christenings, 1640-1962
235 New York City Births
236 New York City Directories
237 New York City Marriage Records, 1829-1940
238 New York City Municipal Deaths
239 New York Clipper
240 New York Marriages, 1686-1980
241 New York Mirror Annual and Directory of the Theatrical Profession
242 New York, New York Passenger and Crew Lists, 1909, 1925-1957
243 New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1891
244 Not listed as a survivor on her sister Eleanor's obituary card.
245 Not mentioned in his father's will written 25 Jan 1799.
246 Obituaries for Pittsburgh, Greensburg and southwesternPennsylvania at, cached version at Google, URL: search? =en&gl=us&ct= clnk&cd=9&ie=UTF-8
247 Obituary, Chicago Tribune Nov 26, 2003
248 Obituary from the Cambria Tribune, May 28, 1856. Photocopy obtained from the Cambria County Library, November 2004.
249 Obituary index for the Johnstown Tribune
250 Obituary in The Johnstown Tribune, Thursday April 7, 1898, no page number. Photocopy obtained from Reference Department, Cambria County Library, July 2004. And in Pittsburgh Gazette, April 9, 1898, photocopy received from Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh.
251 Obituary Nov 1, 2003 Pittsburgh Post Gazette
252 Obituary of Betty J Samuels
253 Obituary of Dr. Samuel M. Kern, from the Johnstown Tribune of Oct 14, [1888?]. Photocopy received from Frank W. Kiel, June 2004.
254 Obituary of Jacob S. Kiel. Johnstown Daily Tribune, Saturday, September 16, 1916, page 7. Photocopy obtained from Cambria County Library, November 2004.
255 Obituary of Mrs. Thomas McClelland, Johnstown Daily Tribune, Tuesday Feb 10, 1903. Photocopy received from Cambria County Library.
256 Obituary of Thomas E Samuels
257 Obituary of Virginia (Billups) Kohler
258 Obituary, St. Petersburg Evening Independent, July 19, 1945, image at (archives).
259 OBITUARY: The Daily Tribune, Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa: Thursday,September 15, 1904, transcribed and posted at Cambria County website on, author: Lori Hiner Date: 9 Sep 2003.
260 Ohio County Marriages, 1789-2013
261 Ohio County Marriages, familysearch
262 Ohio Death Index, indexes at familysearch and
263 Ohio, Death Index
264 Ohio, Deaths, 1908-1953, familysearch
265 Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953
266 Ohio Marriage Index
267 Ontario, Toronto Trust Cemeteries, 1826-1989
268 Orphans Court and Proceedings Index, Vol 3, Cambria County
269 Patricia Wainwright Collins, Marriages and deaths from the Cambria Tribune, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, Volume II, (Clossin Press)
270 Jennifer Kirsopp-Reed Pennsylvania and beyond,
271 Pennsylvania Argus, 27 Jun 1888
272 John T. Humphrey Pennsylvania births, York County, 1730-1800
273 Pennsylvania, Church and Town Records
274 Pennsylvania County Marriages, 1885 - 1950
275 Pennsylvania Death Certificates, images,
276 Pennsylvania Death Certificates
277 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia City Death Certificates, 1803-1915
278 Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Marriage Indexes
279 Pennsylvania, U.S. Direct Tax Lists, 1798
280 Pennsylvania, U.S. Naturalization Originals, 1795-1930,
281 Pennsylvania Veterans Burial Cards, 1777-1999
282 Pennsylvania, WWI Veterans Service and Compensation Files
283 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, Marriage Indexes
284 Philadelphia Death Records, #10987image from start.html#p=1;surname=billups;searchType=standard;collectionId=1320976
285 Philadelphia Death Records, #13404image from recordsearch/start.html#p=1;surname=billups;searchType=standard;collectionId=1320976
286 Photocopies received from Carnegie Library, Pittsburgh, of death notice and obituary, Pittsburgh Gazette, October 12 and 13, 1907.
287 Photocopy of certified copy of an entry of birth in Chesterfield Registration District, Dronfield Sub-district, County of Derby, 1845.
288 Photocopy of "Memoir of H. R. Kern" received 27 Aug 2003 from the eference Department, Cambria County Library. Note by librarian in margin of photocopy says "Johnstown Tribune Friday July 19, 1872."
289 Photocopy received from Cambria County Library of death notice in Johnstown Daily Tribune, May 24, 1885. Note: Blair County does not have her death record. They have records beginning in 1893.
290 Phyllis M. Oyler (compiler), Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown,Pennsylvania: a recreation of burials, 1850-1906, (Closson Press, 1986).
291 Phyllis M. Oyler (compiler), Sandyvale Cemetery, Johnstown, Pennsylvania: a recreation of burials, 1850-1906, (Closson Press, 1986).
292 Pittsburgh City Deaths
293 Pittsburgh Dispatch
294 Pittsburgh Press Deaths
295 Postal Cover
296 Postem note from or, dated 9 Oct 2008, added to rootsweb database, Miler/Molesworth Family & Ancestors,Updated: Mon Mar 1 06:53:18 2004,
297 Postem note. see at birth date.
298 Reliable sources say Catharine's last name was Kaylor (spelling may vary.) First name is found on baptism records of children in York and Westmoreland Counties.
299 Jacob S Royer Reminiscences of My Grandmother [Mary Ann Kiel Snider]'s Life
300 rootsweb database Miler/Molesworth Family & AncestorsUpdated: Mon Mar 1 06:53:18 2004,
301 Jane Maria Craig Samuel Craig, Senior, Pioneer to Western Pennsylvania
302 Samuels Family website,
303 San Francisco City Directories
304 Scotland, Births and Baptisms, familysearch indexes
305 Scotland, Marriages, 1561-1910, familysearch
306 Search for Soldiers, National Parks Service
307 see her husband's notes
308 see his notes
309 Seems to be in household of a William Bohlinger in 1920, at 1006 Ridge Ave., 21st Ward of Pittsburgh. Series T624, Roll 1527, page 20.
310 Singer Family tree at
311 Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007
312 Social Security Death Index
313 Source Publication:WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY, Pittsburgh, compilers. A List of Immigrants Who Applied for Naturalization Papers in the District Courts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh: the society. Vol. 6, 1881-1891. 1981. 138p. Source Page Number:7 Permanent Entry Number:1117240 Accession Number:9821400
314 South Dakota, Marriages, 1905-2013
315 St Petersburg Independent
316 Susan Elliot, posting to Rootsweb Cambria County Message Board, 3 Jul 1999, of his obituary in the Cambria Tribune dated 31 May 1881.
317 William Dumont, editor Tax Lists, Westmoreland County, PA, 1786- 1810
318 Texas, Deaths, 1890-1976,
319 The Cumberland [Maryland] Times
320 There is a Richard Billops on the Camb. Baptism index at
321 Transcribed at
322 Transcribed Floyd County Kentucky Marriages Consent Papers 1808 - 1851,
323 Transcription of records of Wilmore United Brethren Cemeteryat /
324 Transcription of St. Bartholomew Cemetery, Summerhill Township, Cambria County, PA, at ~pacambri.
325 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat Transcriptions of Marriages Warrick County, Indiana, at (as of May 20, 2005.) Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Tamara Kincaide copyright 1999. Obituary Card said Sep 2.
326 English Billups group's spreadsheet transcriptions of vital records
327 United States Civil War and Later Pension Index
328 United States Civil War Soldiers Index, 1861-1865,
329 United States Index to Service Records, War with Spain, 1898
330 United States Veterans Administration Pension Payment Cards, familysearch
331 US District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania, immigration records
332 U.S., Headstone and Interment Records for U.S. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, 1942-1949
333 US Public Records
334 Virginia, Deaths and Burials, 1853-1912, familysearch
335 Virginia, Marriages, 1785-1940, familysearch
336 Weaver Family History
337 Westmoreland Co. Marriage Search
338 West Virginia Division of Culture and History
339 wife's second marriage record
340 Will of Joseph Kern found at: pub/usgenweb/pa/westmoreland/wills/kernj.txt. File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by: Linda Bischoff, Also posted at: RootsWeb Westmoreland Message Board by Virginia Crilley, Date: 9 Apr 2005.
341 Will of Joseph Kern, transcribed online. see note at date of writing.
342 Will written 26 Jan 1799 and probated 27 May 1799. "York County Abstracts of Wills, Vol 1, 1749-1820" in Collections of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania York County, 1749-1820, (Philadelphia). The abstract is also transcribed Early family research says 20 Feb 1799, no source known.
343 Wise County Virginia, Genealogical Research Site
344 World War I Draft Registration Cards
345 World War II Draft Registration Cards
346 Marlene Bates and F. Edward Wright York County, Pennsylvania, Church Records of the 18th Century, Volume 2

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