James and Thomas Cunningham, Ballygowan Townland

Earlier Cunninghams

Flaxgrowers' List, County Down, 1796

in Kilbroney and Kilkeel

Cunegan Patrick Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Arthur Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Catherine Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Christopher Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Daniel Kilkeel Down
Cunigan James Kilkeel Down
Cunigan John Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Patrick Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Peter Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Phelemy Kilbroney Down
Cunigan Shane Kilkeel Down
Cunigan Thomas Kilkeel Down
Cunnigan George Kilkeel Down
Cunnigan Henry Kilkeel Down
Cunnigan Peter Kilkeel Down

Freeholders List, 1820

no Cunigans (or Colgans) anywhere in Kilkeel
one Divine: Divine, James Lurganreagh Same James & John Divine & W, Thompson

Tithes Applotment List, 1830

Cunigan Bernard Ballygowan
Cunigan James Jr. Ballygowan
Cunigan James Sr. Ballygowan
Cunigan John Ballygowan
Cunigan Patrick Ballygowan
Cunigan Peter More Ballygowan
Cunigan Peter Ballygowan
Cunigan Thomas Ballygowan
Cunigan William Ballygowan

only one Divine: Mary in Lurganreagh
(many Colgans)

James Cunningham

Possible children's baptisms:

Ann Cunningham baptism 1843
Kilkeel Parish Register, baptisms:
November 2, 1843, Ann Cunningham.
no parents, location, or sponsors in this section of the register

Thomas Cunningham baptism 1846
Kilkeel Parish Records, Baptisms
23 August 1846
Thomas, [son] of Jas Cunningham and Cath. ___
sponsors: Bernard and Mary Cunningham
findmypast transcribed her name as Doran
other possibilities are Feran, Toner, Teer?, or maybe Trainor or Divine if the name is cut off.

Thomas Cunningham

Children's Births

Kilkeel Catholic Parish Records

baptism: 17 December 1873 Catherine, of Thomas and Mary Ann Cunningham
baptism 5 January 1876, Mary Margaret, of Thomas and Maria Ann Cunningham
[note: found if you look for 1877]

Civil Records

Catherine Cunningham, 14 January 1874, Ballygowan, Kilkeel, daughter of Thomas and Maria, formerly Cunningham. informant: James Cunningham, his mark, occupier, Ballygowan, Kilkeel. This means James was the occupier of the house in which the child was born. OED: occupier = a person living in a dwelling as its owner or tenant

Mary Margaret Cunningham, 31 January 1876, Ballygowan, daughter of Thomas and Maria, formerly Cunningham. informant: the father

James Cunningham, 22 May 1880, Ballygowan, son of Thomas and Maria, formerly Cunningham. informant: Sarah Cunningham of Ballygowan, her mark, present at birth

Thomas Cunningham, 21 August 1883, Benagh, son of Thomas and Maria, formerly Cunningham. informant: the father

Note: Thomas, the father, is not in the Valuation Revision Books for Benagh for 1880 to 1883 or 1884 to 1898

Sarah Ann Cunningham, 6 November 1885, Ballygowan, dau of Thomas and Maria, formerly Cunningham. informant: the father

Elizabeth Cunningham, 15 November 1889, Ballygowan, dau of Thomas and Maria, formerly Cunningham. informant: the father


Census of Ireland 31 March 1901

house 7 in Ballygowan
Thomas Cunningham, 53, head, farmer
Maria Cunningham, 50
Thomas Cunningham, 17
Sarah A Cunningham, 14
Lizzie Cunningham, 11

Note: I didn't find a marriage record for Sarah Cunningham in Kilkeel from 1901 to 1911

Census of Ireland 2 April 1911

house 8 in Ballygowan
Thomas Cunningham, 65, farmer, house 8
Maria Cunningham, 63, married 37 years, 6 children, 6 alive
Thomas Cunningham, 27
Lizzie Cunningham, 20

James and Thomas Cunningham - Land Records

    Griffith's Valuation and Valuation Revision Books  
    parcel year name                acreage  
     4     1864 James Cunningham, senior    4 acres, 2 rods, 30 perches  
           1883  James Cunningham, senior  
           1885  Thomas Cunningham  
           1913 Thomas Cunningham       in fee  
           1915  parcel 5B from Charles Cull to Thomas Cunningham  
           1924  Maria Cunningham. and 5B to Maria Cunningham  

NI will calendar index: d 12 Feb 1922, grant of administration 8 Nov 1922  
       Full Abstract: Administration of the Estate of Thomas Cunningham late
       of 12 Ballygowan County Down Farmer who died 12 February 1922 granted
       at Belfast to Maria Cunningham the Widow Effects £47 D.B.N. P.R. 05/08/1937  
       also 5 Aug 1937 Cunningham Thomas of Ballygowan county Down farmer died
       12 February 1922 Administration (d.b.n.) Belfast 5 August to Thomas
       Cunningham junior farmer. Unadministered effects £2. Former Grant Belfast
       8 November 1922.

not found

There are no other baptisms for children of James Cunningham and Cath in the index to the parish registers.
There is no marriage for a James Cunningham and Cath early enough in the parish registers to be Thomas' parents.

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Catherine (Devine) Cunningham's death, 1865 to 1901,

she is not

3rd Qtr 1868, age 70 - received June 27, 2023
Returns Year 1868
Returns Quarter 3
Returns Volume No 11
Returns Page No 360

That woman died in Drummondlane, Kilkeel, and was a widow.

request this

3rd Qtr 1866, age 61
Returns Year 1866
Returns Quarter 3
Returns Volume No 11
Returns Page No 353

Some other Cunninghams in Ballygowan

Land Records

    parcel year    name                                    acreage  
    13    1864  James Cunningham, publican                  3, 1, 0  
          1878  reevaluated, increased rates, noted: public house in holdings  
          1883  James Cunningham, publican  
          1892  William Cunningham  
          1906  Henry Nicholson  
    12a,b 1891  William Cunningham  "Ho[use?]corn mill laboress", office, land  
          1895  William Cunningham      flax mill  
          1904  Henry Nicholson   

Census of Ireland 31 March 1901

John Cunningham, 55, farmer, not married Mary Cunningham, 62, sister, not married

William Cunningham, 52, head Serah Cunningham, wife, 42
Patrick, 22
Ellen 18
Tessia 16
Fredrick 13
Edmond 11
Dorothy 9
Minnie 7
Nellie Cahalane, 2, grand daughter