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Benjamin Cowan of Monson, Maine–Brief Ancestry

Benjamin Cowan was born between 1834 and 1838, probably in Salem, Maine, the son of James Cowan and Lucrecia Winslow. According to a descendant, Benjamin Cowan's great grandfather Thomas Cowan arrived in America with a group of Scottish Presbyterians from northern Ireland, led by a minister named James McGregor.

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Benjamin Cowan of Monson, Maine—His Families

Benjamin Cowan was born between 1834 and 1838, probably in Salem, Maine, where his parents James and Lucretia Cowan were living in 1840.  The earlier date reflects his age as given on his censuses, while the later date comes from his age at death in 1903.

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Benjamin & Sarah (Newell) Cowan of Monson, Maine

After Benjamin Cowan's divorce from Rosanna Inman, he apparently went back to Salem, Maine, for a while. The 1870-71 Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Hampden says that Hampton had received $351.34 from Salem for support of residents of the town farm. That would have been for Benjamin's children, as explained in part two of this series.

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Oscar Cowan of Rockland, Maine-Solved

I am looking for information about an "Oscar Cowan" of Rockland, Knox County, Maine. I have some reason to believe that this was an alias for William Jerome Page, husband of Margaret Jenkins. I would like help either confirming or disproving that suspicion.

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William Page and Oscar Cowan—Where They Are Not

William Page/Paige is not buried in Wyoming Cemetery, Melrose, where his father, mother and his brother Augustus are buried. ... Nor with his brother Stover ...

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Most of the information here is about my family or my wife’s, or about families with ties to Cleveland, Ohio, or the area near Rostrevor and Kilkeel in County Down, Ireland. There are also some unrelated families included that I came across. Whatever the case, I hope the material is helpful in your own efforts.
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