Patrick O'Rourke's naturalization information

Patrick O'Rourke's Declaration of Intention

Patrick O'Rourke's declaration of intention

The image is from Ohio, County Naturalization Records, 1800-1977 at

In Common Pleas Court, Cuyahoga County, Feb 7, 1903, #16373, page 190

Summarized: I, Patrick O'Rourke, a native of Ireland, arrived in the United States on 11 May 1900. It is my intention to become a citizen of the United States and to renounce allegiance to any foreign state, particularly to King Edward VII.
signed: Patrick O'Rourke, 7 Feby 1903

Patrick O'Rourke's Petition for Naturalization

Patrick O'Rourke papers, page 1

Patrick O'Rourke papers, page 2

Patrick O'Rourke papers, page 3

Patrick O'Rourke papers, page 4

In Cuyahoga County, October 28, 1905.

Page 1: certified copy of his declaration of intention.
Page 2:  In the matter of Patrick O'Rourke's admission to citizenship, witness Daniel Kane, an inspector residing at 2462 Broadway testifies to the character of Patrick O'Brien [sic].
Page 3:
Patrick O'Rourke, an alien, subject of: King Edward VII, was Born on or about: 15 July 1881, County of Downs, Ireland. First arrived in the United States on  11 May 1900 at New York on the steamship Oceanic. On 7 Feby 1903 he declared his intention to become a citizen. He is now a moulder, residing at 1607 Harvard St.
Signed: Pat O'Rourke
Page 4:
I Patrick O'Rourke swears to support the Constitution and renounces allegiance to King Edward VII.
Signed: Pat O'Rourke

This is an indexed reference to Patrick's naturalization information:

Patrick O'Rourke's index card


O'Rourke, Patrick
1607 Harvard Ave, Cleveland, Ohio
Certificate number (or volume and page): Vol 8 - Petition Number 2963
Common Pleas Court, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland
Country of allegiance: Great Britain
Born July 15, 1886
Arrived in US at New York on May 11, 1900
Naturalized: October 28, 1905
Witnessed by: Daniel Kane, 2462 Broadway

Index cards were kept for immigrants with their updated addresses. I think this system began in 1912.

Here is an image of Patrick O'Rourke's card found at Ohio, County Naturalization Records, 1800-1977 at

Patrick O'Rourke tracking card

tracking card, back

Patrick O'Rourke, Ward 18, precinct B
Present address: 4023 East 93rd Street
Office No: 23459, Volume 8, page 2963
Native of Ireland, naturalized 28 Oct 1905, in Common Pleas Court, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Age when naturalized: 22. Age when recorded 28.

9604 Harvard  Oct 18 - 1918. Ward 15, precinct K