This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Berry. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alonzo Berry May 7, 1786   Barnabus Berry Prescinda Swift
Anna Berry November 17, 1786   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Anne Berry March 31, 1734   Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
Barnabus Berry May 18, 1741 July 30, 1741   Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
Barnabus Berry July 13, 1760 August 18, 1850 Prescinda Swift Nathaniel Berry
Betty Berry May 29, 1780   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Cecil Joseph Berry May 15, 1893 May 23, 1934 Annie Fleming George Willard Berry Josephine Carson
Cynthia Berry about 1833   Ebenezer Berry Huldah Jillson
Cyrus Berry February 22, 1745 (Julian)   Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
Daniel A Berry about 1859   Hyman Lysander Berry Ellen
Ebenezer Berry February 12, 1739 April 4, 1815 Ruth Peck Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
Ebenezer Berry July 21, 1773 May 15, 1837 Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Ebenezer Berry about 1803 after 1850 Huldah Jillson Jehiel Berry Susannah Swift
Elizabeth Berry December 18, 1731   Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
George W Berry about 1842   Ebenezer Berry Huldah Jillson
George Willard Berry October 14, 1855 October 24, 1925 Josephine Carson Hyman Lysander Berry Martha Brock
George Willard Berry November 17, 1884 Mary Angeline Brake(?) George Willard Berry Josephine Carson
Hannah Berry May 1, 1771     Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Hosea Berry October 23, 1777   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Huldah Berry about 1830   Ebenezer Berry Huldah Jillson
Hyman Lysander Berry about 1828 Martha Brock, Ellen Ebenezer Berry Huldah Jillson
Jehiel Berry April 4, 1769 Susannah Swift Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Jirah Swift Berry April 28, 1784   Barnabus Berry Prescinda Swift
Jonathan Berry June 15, 1782   Barnabus Berry Prescinda Swift
Joseph Berry October 31, 1775   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Louisa Martina Berry May 12, 1851 July 26, 1921 Richard McDonald Hyman Lysander Berry Martha Brock
Mabel Gertrude “Anna” Berry March 19, 1883 February 13, 1920 John Joseph Fitzgerald George Willard Berry Josephine Carson
Mercy Berry March 26, 1767   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Nathaniel Berry     Rebeckah Hatch  
Nathaniel Berry September 29, 1736 Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
Nora Berry John Donovan  
Philemon Berry May 1, 1791   Barnabus Berry Prescinda Swift
Precinda Berry October 2, 1790     Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Rebeckah Berry September 26, 1765   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Rufus Berry July 10, 1782   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Ruth Berry June 10, 1784   Ebenezer Berry Ruth Peck
Sarah Berry October 5, 1742   Nathaniel Berry Rebeckah Hatch
Sophia Berry June 16, 1795   Barnabus Berry Prescinda Swift
Willard W Berry about 1844   Ebenezer Berry Huldah Jillson