This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of <absent>. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
    Albert Palecek  
    Joseph Stiener  
    Jakob Schleimer  
    Michael Ruppe  
    Miles Howard  
    John Powers  
    John Nugent  
    Patrick McVeigh  
    Francis Hughes  
Daniel Sloan  
Thomas F Bolan  
Peter Bolan  
Michael Heffernan  
Lawrence White  
Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald  
Patrick O'Reilly  
John Bolan  
Patrick White  
John Meade  
Richard Quinn  
Ann     Willis Telzrow  
Anna James Hussey  
Anna Frank Albert Divis  
Anna John Griffin  
Annie Joe Fornal  
Bridget     John Crowley  
Brigid Henry McNally  
Carol     Patrick Oliverio  
Catherine Giovanni Guarnieri  
Catherine from 1797 to 1811 June 20, 1883  
Catherine about 1803 John Raimer  
Catherine about 1827 Philip Raimer  
Doris     John C. McGrath  
Elizabeth 1884 Smith  
Ellen     Timothy Oliverio  
Ellen about 1832 Hyman Lysander Berry  
Hannah     John Tower  
Helen   Patrick Sloan  
Karen     Robert Oliverio  
Mabel A Joseph L. Clines  
Maria about 1850 Johann Bernard Heinrich Te Kniepe  
Mary     Albert F. Patten  
Mary     John Oliverio  
Mary     Isaac Whipple  
Mary     John or James Sloan  
Mary 1712 James Jillson  
Mary about 1841 Burke  
Mary Ann     Charles Baxter  
Mary Ann   John “Jack” McNamara  
Mildred I about 1891 John James Sloan  
Sarah May 1835 January 28, 1923 John Keating  
Walter T Hackett about 1894   Nora Irene Harvey