James Aylward

Birth Name James Aylward
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth   Ireland   1
Death December 8, 1829 Five Islands, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada   2


    Family of James Aylward and Mary Polly
Married Wife Mary Polly
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage November 1800 Onslow, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada   1 3
Name Birth Date Death Date
Eleanor AylwardAugust 2, 1803August 2, 1874
John Aylwardabout 1806between 1888 and 1889
James Aylwardabout 1806after 1880
Mary Agnes Aylward1808after 1873
Margaret AylwardJune 2, 1814July 1877
Rebecca Aylwardabout 1816
William AylwardMay 1, 1817July 6, 1884
Keziah AylwardApril 21, 1821June 26, 1912
Edward Aylward1823after 1891
Thomas AylwardAugust 15, 1824April 1, 1916


Notes on James Aylward

According to a series of articles in The Irish Genealogist, Vol.
IV and V, the name "Aylward" is of Saxon origin, but first
appears in England shortly after the Norman invasion of 1066.
(But I think I saw the name Aelward in a reference to
the Domesday Book and also in a reference to something in the 800's
or so.) It is said to mean "noble protector." In Ireland the
Aylwards were located in Co. Waterford, Co. Kilkenny, and
Faithlegg, but displaced from Faithlegg to Ballynagar by
Cromwell. Some were later found in Dublin. There were many people
mentioned, going back centuries. I found no match for James
Aylward who came to Five Islands, Nova Scotia. People on rootsweb
say he came from Co. Wicklow but there was no mention of Wicklow in
the articles in the journal.


From The Story of Five Islands, Colchester County, Nova Scotia (Women's Institute, Five Islands, N.S., 1969):

"James Aylward was another settler [in Five Islands]. He built
his house on the north side of the main road on Lot 12; near
where his son John lived later. He was a native of Ireland.
First he came to Newfoundland; later to Onslow, where he lived
Polly." His son Thomas' census in 1891 said James was born in

James Aylward was one of three trustees of the school in Five
Islands, which was operating by the end of 1816. Two of his
sons, William and James, were attending the school in 1828/9.

On page 13, The Story of Five Islands says that "Mr. Aylward was
the first deacon to serve in the Baptist church in Five Islands,"
referring to the father of this family. But on page 85 it lists a
James Aylward first on the list of deacons ordained since 1837.
The history of the Baptist Church given on page 84 states that
prior to 1837 ministers came there for a short time. It does not
say whether they had deacons before there were permanent
ministers. If they did, then James Aylward, Sr. was the first
deacon. If not, then it was his son.


There was a Captain Peter Aylward, commissioned on 24 July 1762
as a British Officer serving in America.[28] Was he related?


The will of James Aylward is dated the 4th of December, 1829.


    1. James Aylward
      1. Mary Polly
        1. Eleanor Aylward
        2. John Aylward
        3. James Aylward
        4. Mary Agnes Aylward
        5. Margaret Aylward
        6. Rebecca Aylward
        7. William Aylward
        8. Keziah Aylward
        9. Edward Aylward
        10. Thomas Aylward

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