Thomas Aylward 1

Birth Name Thomas Aylward
Gender male
Age at Death 91 years, 7 months, 17 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth August 15, 1824 Nova Scotia, Canada   2
Death April 1, 1916 Five Islands, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada   3


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father James AylwardDecember 8, 1829
Mother Mary Polly1779November 29, 1869
    Sister     Eleanor Aylward August 2, 1803 August 2, 1874
    Brother     John Aylward about 1806 between 1888 and 1889
    Brother     James Aylward about 1806 after 1880
    Sister     Mary Agnes Aylward 1808 after 1873
    Sister     Margaret Aylward June 2, 1814 July 1877
    Sister     Rebecca Aylward about 1816
    Brother     William Aylward May 1, 1817 July 6, 1884
    Sister     Keziah Aylward April 21, 1821 June 26, 1912
    Brother     Edward Aylward 1823 after 1891
         Thomas Aylward August 15, 1824 April 1, 1916


    Family of Thomas Aylward and Rebecca Jane McCallum
Married Wife Rebecca Jane McCallum
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage between 1848 and 1849 Five Islands, Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Canada   4
Name Birth Date Death Date
Elizabeth J. AylwardApril 28, 1866November 23, 1907
James Robert AylwardOctober 9, 1851
Mary Angeline AylwardOctober 2, 1852January 26, 1908
Philip AylwardOctober 9, 1855after 1901
Frederick AylwardOctober 26, 1859April 5, 1928
Josephine Aylwardbetween 1861 and 1862
Clarence Aylwardbetween 1863 and 1864
Leanna AylwardMay 27, 1868
Edith AylwardAugust 13, 1875after 1901
Smith AylwardJanuary 27, 1857April 5, 1858


Thomas Aylward was a ship carpenter in Five Islands, Colchester
County, Nova Scotia. His sons Frederick, Philip, and Clarence were seamen,
and his son Robert was a ship captain. His son-in-law Thomas Morrison (Mary Angeline's husband) was also a seaman.

The 1891 Census, as posted online, said that Thomas and Rebecca were
members of the Church of England. He was a ship carpenter and an
employer. They both could read and write. The information said that
his father was born in Ireland and his mother in the USA. Her parents
were said to have been born in Nova Scotia.

The Aylwards' house is on the map of Five Islands drawn up by A. F.
Church & Co., Granville St., Halifax, dated 24 Mar 1864. The house is
near the center of town, next to the Presbyterian Church.

Thomas was among the signers of a petition in 1840 requesting the
Legislature in Halifax to allow Five Islands to become part of
Colchester County.He is on a list of those who did road work in
the East River District in 1858. and is head of a household on the
Index of the 1861 Census of Colchester County. He is mentioned as a
witness in a case brought by his brother Edward against their brother
John. See Thomas' father's family file or the case file for details.
Thomas is on the revised list of electors for Five Islands District
No. 19, in 1906. Information on says he died 1 Apr
1916 and is buried in Five Islands Presbyterian Cemetery.


  1. James Aylward
    1. Mary Polly
      1. Eleanor Aylward
      2. John Aylward
      3. James Aylward
      4. Mary Agnes Aylward
      5. Margaret Aylward
      6. Rebecca Aylward
      7. William Aylward
      8. Keziah Aylward
      9. Edward Aylward
      10. Thomas Aylward
        1. Rebecca Jane McCallum
          1. Elizabeth J. Aylward
          2. James Robert Aylward
          3. Mary Angeline Aylward
          4. Philip Aylward
          5. Frederick Aylward
          6. Josephine Aylward
          7. Clarence Aylward
          8. Leanna Aylward
          9. Edith Aylward
          10. Smith Aylward

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