Thomas Billups

Birth Name Thomas Billups
Gender male
Age at Death 52 years


From Cambridgeshire Burial Index 1801-37 at

1827 BILLUPS Thomas 52 Wimblington ----- Doddington -

"When Thomas died in 1827 he left Rose with a family of young children. At time of 1841 census they had all moved away except for Neoma who was resident with Rose and her second husband. Son William went to Yorkshire and founded the dynasty there. Christopher and Robert went to London (market gardening). John stayed in Wimblington (tailor). " Source: English Billups' .pdf file.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1775 Welney, Norfolk, England   1a
Christening July 7, 1777 Welney, Norfolk, England    
Death 1827 Wimblington, Cambridgeshire, England   2a
Burial November 30, 1827 St Mary, Doddington, Cambridgeshire, England of Wimblington 3a 4a
Event Note

from freereg.
County Cambridgeshire
Place Doddington
Church name St Mary
Register type Parish Register
Register entry number 595
Burial date 30 Nov 1827
Burial person forename Thomas
Burial person surname BILLUPS
Person age 52
Burial person abode Wimblington


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father John Billups17531786
Mother Mary Knowles17551822
         Thomas Billups 1775 1827
    Brother     Richard Billups 1779
    Sister     Elizabeth Billups 1780 1857
    Sister     Mary Billups 1783
    Sister     Susanna Billups 1785 1790


Family of Thomas Billups and Rosamund Cropley

Married Wife Rosamund Cropley ( b. July 11, 1785 d. January 27, 1850 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage Banns February 14, 1802 Witchford Parish, Cambridgeshire, England   5a
Event Note

Cambridgeshire Banns Transcription
Banns date: 14 Feb 1802
Place: Witchford, Cambridgeshire
Rosamund Cropley, single, of this parish
Thomas Billups, single, of Wimbleton
Record set: Cambridgeshire Banns
at, accessed March 6, 2015

Marriage February 26, 1802 St Andrew, Witchford Parish, Cambridgeshire, England   4b

Cambridgeshire Marriages Transcription
26 Feb 1802, Witchford
Rosamond Cropley, spinster, of this parish
Thomas Billups, bachelor, of Wimbleton
Spouse's first name(s) THOMAS
Spouse's last name BILLUPS
By licence or banns: by banns

Record set: Cambridgeshire Marriages
at, accessed March 6, 2015

County Cambridgeshire
Place Witchford
Church name St Andrew
Register type Other Transcript
Marriage date 26 Feb 1802
Groom forename Thomas
Groom surname BILLUPS
Groom parish Wimbleton
Groom condition bachelor
Bride forename Rosamond
Bride surname CROPLEY
Bride parish Witchford
Bride condition spinster
Witness1 James CROPLEY
Witness2 Elizabeth BILLUPS
Notes Bride signed X

Name Birth Date Death Date
Joseph Thomas Billupsbetween 1801 and 1802May 17, 1885
Mary Billups1803
John Billups1804March 1, 1847
Elizabeth BillupsJune 6, 1809
Christopher Thomas Billups1815September 9, 1872
Robert Billups1816
Neoma Billups1819between July 1855 and September 1855
Jonathan Edwin Billupsabout 1820November 30, 1896
William Billups1821between April 1897 and June 1897
John Billups18221826
Isaiah Billups18251826

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