Patrick McQuaid of Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

On April 30, 1827, "Patrick McQuaid, the son of Rudy McQuaid dec'd, of Hempfield township, Westmoreland county, and state of Pennsylvania," signed indenture papers beginning his apprenticeship to George W and Jacob S Kern of Greensburg "by and with the advice and consent of his Mother." See: Patrick McQuaid, Jacob Kern, George W Kern, of Greensburgh, PA, Indenture Papers.

Included among the persons signing the document is Margaret Bussard, who signed with her mark and Patrick McQuaid who signed with his.

Based on what I found at the McQuaid message board at,, there was a good sized McQuaid family in Westmoreland County, descended from eight sons of Patrick McQuaid and Catherine Graham, both born in County Down, Ireland. They settled first in Chester County, Pennsylvania, then moved to Westmoreland after the Revolution.

They are said to have had a son Roderick who died before 1820. This could be the "Rudy" father of Patrick, apprentice to the Kern brothers. "Roddy" is a nickname for Roderick and would sound a lot like "Rudy" if spoken with even the slightest Irish accent. Patrick's father was deceased, which agrees with the information that Roderick had died by 1820.

If so, that would mean that Roderick McQuaid married a woman named Margaret; and that Margaret's second husband was named Bussard.

If any McQuaid descendants have more information about Patrick, I would be interested in learning it.


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