This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Brennan. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ann 1865   Peter Brennan Ann Savage
Bernard 1853   Patrick Brennan Ellen "Nellie" Quinn
Bridget about 1845   Brennan
Bridget 1871   Peter Brennan Ann Savage
Bridget   Peter Brennan Ann Savage
Bridget 1860 before February 24, 1930 James Crilly Patrick Brennan Ellen "Nellie" Quinn
James     Rose? Sands  
John 1877 1971 Rose McAlinden Peter Brennan Ann Savage
John T October 18, 1904 April 24, 1973 Martha McGovern John Brennan Rose McAlinden
Lucy 1864 June 21, 1926 Martin McKeon Patrick Brennan Ellen "Nellie" Quinn
Margaret April 12, 1868   Peter Brennan Ann Savage
Margaret July 7, 1870 May 21, 1940 James McGuire Patrick Brennan Ellen "Nellie" Quinn
Mark Catherine Murphy  
Mary James Sloan Brennan
Mary about 1860 September 26, 1902 Thomas Hogan  
Mary May 1, 1862   Peter Brennan Ann Savage
Mary April 8, 1867   Peter Brennan Ann Savage
Mary June 2, 1868   Patrick Brennan Ellen "Nellie" Quinn
Patrick 1815 1898 Ellen “Nellie” Quinn  
Peter about 1837 May 11, 1911 Ann Savage  
Sarah about 1872 1954 Francis O'Rourke Mark Brennan Catherine Murphy
Sarah after 1887 Edward Colgan James Brennan Rose? Sands
Sarah December 1855 March 6, 1947 Richard Farrell Patrick Brennan Ellen "Nellie" Quinn
Susan between 1873 and 1874 before December 19, 1955 John J McGee Peter Brennan Ann Savage

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