This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Sands. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alice about 1880 Patrick O'Brien Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
Catherine       Henry Sands Mary Winters
Daniel between 1831 and 1832 April 2, 1900 Susan Sloan  
Daniel about 1903     Thomas Sands Ellen Harper
Francis January 17, 1876 June 12, 1941 Mary Callan Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
Frank       Henry Sands Mary Winters
Harry James September 19, 1898 December 20, 1975 Katherine M McHugh, Laverne Hopp Henry Sands Mary Winters
Henry October 18, 1867 July 29, 1916 Mary Winters Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
James P May 1901 December 31, 1920   James Sands Bridget "Delia" McKeon
James       Henry Sands Mary Winters
James October 15, 1865 March 11, 1938 Bridget “Delia” McKeon Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
John Francis about 1905     Thomas Sands Ellen Harper
John March 7, 1874 November 28, 1947 Mary Quinn Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
John between 1907 and 1908   Francis Sands Mary Callan
Leo       Henry Sands Mary Winters
Loretta March 21, 1914 May 17, 1983 Michael Coyne Henry Sands Mary Winters
Mary 1860 after 1929 James White Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
Mary June 1894   James Sands Bridget "Delia" McKeon
Patrick J about 1904     Thomas Sands Ellen Harper
Patrick December 17, 1869   Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
Raymond       Henry Sands Mary Winters
Rose?     James Brennan  
Susan about 1882 September 28, 1959 Michael McGuire Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
Thomas Henry about 1907     Thomas Sands Ellen Harper
Thomas about 1863 Ellen Harper Daniel Sands Susan Sloan
Thomas about 1834 January 12, 1871 Selina Sloan Thomas Sands
William J April 1892   James Sands Bridget "Delia" McKeon

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