This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Murphy. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Anna January 10, 1871 January 16, 1938   Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Catherine     Mark Brennan  
Cornelius 1835 October 5, 1909 Mary Moriarty  
David C. February 16, 1906 October 18, 1997 Mary C Murphy Stephen H Murphy Bridget Mahon
David about 1862 before December 12, 1904   Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Dudley J. about 1909 July 9, 1954 Mary C. Berry Stephen H Murphy Bridget Mahon
Elizabeth     William Rogers  
Honora 1869   Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Johanna about 1812 from April 1874 to June 1874 Pierce Rice  
John C. about 1858 February 1922 Margaret M. Hussey Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Katherine about 1872 January 1961 Chris Kelly, Samuel Derr Schearer Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Margaret Thomas Farrell  
Marilyn C. October 27, 1930 April 8, 2008 Robert J. Wonsick Thomas J. Murphy Margaret M McHugh
Mary C August 15, 1913 December 10, 2007 David C. Murphy  
Mary C. March 23, 1867 February 18, 1963 Latham H. Brightman Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Mary Cordelia March 22, 1904 December 16, 1943 Alvin Raleigh Stephen H Murphy Bridget Mahon
Mary November 22, 1868 March 2, 1939 Peter Harvey  
Michael about 1860   Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
    Agnes L Parle  
Stephen H about 1864 December 1954 Bridget Mahon Cornelius Murphy Mary Moriarty
Thomas J Anna Elizabeth Lacy  
Thomas J. 1903 September 27, 1966 Mary C. O'Rourke, Margaret M McHugh Stephen H Murphy Bridget Mahon

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