Judith “Julia” Dudley

Birth Name Judith “Julia” Dudley
Nick Name Julia
Also Known As Julia Dudley
Also Known As Judith “Julia” Dudley
Gender female
Age at Death more than 73 years, 9 months, 3 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth March 29, 1806 Canaan, Somerset County, Maine, United States   1a 2a

Orono Town Records, 1806-1838, page 234, microfilm at New England Historic and Genealogical Society. For location: Vital Records of Old Town, Maine, prior to 1892, Ruth Gray, editor, (Camden, Maine: Picton Press, 1996.), p. 13.
Also for location: death record of son, Samuel Wentworth Page. in Orono Maine, Vital Records, Deaths, 1855 to 1907. Section 5 on microfilm roll at New England Historic and Genealogical Society.

Death after 1880      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father James Dudleyabout September 1782December 20, 1862
Mother Abigail Hookabout 1782April 28, 1870
    Brother     John H Dudley February 29, 1804 December 25, 1864
         Judith “Julia” Dudley March 29, 1806 after 1880
    Brother     Daniel G. Dudley August 17, 1808 before 1840
    Sister     Abigail Dudley November 10, 1810 1883
    Brother     Gilman H. Dudley February 13, 1813 September 22, 1874
    Brother     Newman H. Dudley April 17, 1816 October 17, 1874
    Sister     Priscilla/Permelia Dudley October 2, 1818 November 26, 1896
    Sister     Mary “Mahallath” Dudley August 17, 1821 December 9, 1914


    Family of Samuel Page II and Judith “Julia” Dudley
Married Husband Samuel Page II
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage     Y  
Marriage Intention (Primary) August 30, 1830 Orono, Penobscot County, Maine, United States   2b 3

Source: Town Records of Old Town, Maine. Microfilm at New England Historic and Genealogical Society. Section 2. Births, Deaths, Marriages and Misc. Town Records, 1827 - 1839 Marriages p. 201.)


I have looked at the microfilm of Old Town's records and transcribed the record as follows from page 207 of the original Old Town records:

30 Aug 1830 Intention Saml Page, 2d Julia Dudley, both of Orono


Orono's vital records for the years 1826 to 1836 are a copy made from those in Old Town, which was set off from Orono and incorporated in 1840. Orono thought the records were lost in a fire, but later found that Old Town had the information.

Orono's own records for this time period were a later copy of Old Town's. Their copy was faded and could be read as James or Samuel.

The microfilm copy of the record which Orono has says, on page 363:
30 Aug 1830 Intention James Page, 2d Judy Dudley, both of Orono


However there is no James Page 2d to be found in Orono, and Judith is on the later censuses with Samuel 2nd, not with a James.

Name Birth Date Death Date
Joseph Pageabout 1830July 31, 1913
Samuel Wentworth Pageabout 1833September 12, 1864
John F. PageAugust 1837June 24, 1909
Eunice W. Pageabout 1841


1870 Census, Maine, Penobscot, Orono
Series M593 Roll 555, page 352, family 463
Post Office: Orono Census page 68, line 38 to page 68? line 1

Page, John F., 30, Farmer, ME, $300, Real Est.: 250
-, Judith, 65, Keeping house, ME
Dyer, Mary, 13, Domestic servant, ME, attended school
[Very likely Nathan and Mary Dyer's daughter, Mary.]

1880 United States Census, Penobscot, Orono, Maine
Series T9, Roll 0485, Page 21A

John F. PAGE Self S Male 49[42?] ME Farm Laborer ME ME
Judith PAGE Mother W[id] Female 74 ME Keeping House NH NH


  1. James Dudley
    1. Abigail Hook
      1. John H Dudley
      2. Judith "Julia" Dudley
        1. Samuel Page II
          1. Joseph Page
          2. Samuel Wentworth Page
          3. John F. Page
          4. Eunice W. Page
      3. Daniel G. Dudley
      4. Abigail Dudley
      5. Gilman H. Dudley
      6. Newman H. Dudley
      7. Priscilla/Permelia Dudley
      8. Mary “Mahallath” Dudley

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