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Minda Wilde and Agnes Bateman of Champaign, Illinois

On August 3, 1950, Mrs Wilde mailed a postcard from Oakland, California, to Mrs Agnes Bateman and daughter at 406 East Healey, Champaign, Illinois. Who were these people, how did they know each other, and what can we learn about them?

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George and Lucinda Kerns of Kankakee, Illinois

About 1863, Mrs Lucinda Kerns, of Kankakee, Illinois, received a letter from American Ranch, Colorado. Who was Lucinda Kerns and whom might she have known in American Ranch, Colorado?

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Della Feely, of Oak Park, Illinois

On September 30, 1938, someone in Tullylease, County Cork, mailed a letter to Mrs Della Feely, 405 South Maple Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois. Did this letter come from a relative in Ireland? If so, can it help us trace back Mrs Feely to her county of origin?

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