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John Aloysius Hankard, East Boston, Massachusetts

On November 22, 1902 in Boston, Massachusetts, my wife's great aunt, Abigail Ellen "Abbie" (Page) Heise married John Aloysius Hankard. John's parents were recorded as John Hankard and Hannah Keegan. I recognized Keegan as an Irish name, assumed Hankard was also, and decided to see if I could trace either family back to at least the county of origin in Ireland.

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Peter and Mary Ann (McMahon) Keegan of Boston, Massachusetts

In the first article in this series, we established that John Aloysius Hankard's parents were John Hankard and Hannah Keegan. Hannah's death record, May 15, 1899, said that she was born in East Boston and her parents were Peter Keegan and Mary A McMann, both born in Ireland.

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