This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Inman. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Abigail Inman November 23, 1816   Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Abigail Inman about 1836   William Inman Abigail
Adam Inman     Polly Brooks Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Alden Inman February 1832 March 18, 1905   Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Allen Inman     Abigail Page Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Alonzo Inman 1862   Anthony Woodward Inman Sarah Dollif
Amelia Inman     Thomas P. Lansil  
Anna M Inman 1860   Anthony Woodward Inman Sarah Dollif
Anthony Woodward Inman October 22, 1829 before 1905 Sarah Dollif Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Asa P Inman about 1842 Emma Shaw William Inman Abigail
Benjamin Inman about 1774 October 31, 1865 Rhoda Davis Joseph Inman Hannah Covill
Benjamin Franklin Inman March 1826 after 1867 Lilly H Chapman, Eliza Willey Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Charles Inman Sarah Daughty  
Charlotte Inman     Thomas Tourtellotte Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Daniel Inman     Jane Mansel Joseph Inman Annabel Page
David Inman     Lavinia Inman  
Duty Inman     Sally Lachance Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Edwin Inman 1867   Anthony Woodward Inman Sarah Dollif
Elias Inman     Mary “Polly” Merrick Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Elizabeth Inman about January 1870   Asa P Inman Emma Shaw
Franklin Alpona Inman February 19, 1854 about November 19, 1939   Benjamin Franklin Inman Eliza Willey
Henry Inman     Sarah Davis Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Henry A Inman about November 1849   Benjamin Franklin Inman Eliza Willey
Joanna Inman about 1804 March 6, 1888 Ichabod Carey, John H Dudley Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Joanna C Inman about 1823 March 9, 1896 Charles Page, Charles Page Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Joseph Inman Lettice Holmes Joseph Inman Hannah Covill
Joseph Inman about 1754 October 15, 1825 Hannah Covill, Annabel Page  
Joseph Inman December 22, 1811   Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Laura Ellen Inman May 4, 1852 William Britton Benjamin Franklin Inman Eliza Willey
Lavinia Inman April 20, 1811 after 1880 Joseph Page, David Inman, Cowan William Inman Betsey
Lizzie/Lillian Inman 1865   Anthony Woodward Inman Sarah Dollif
Lottie E Inman September 3, 1880 William J Carey, George F Campbell, Leroy Stillings William B Inman Flora B Folsom
Martha Inman November 2, 1814   Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Mary E Inman about 1866   William Inman Abigail
Mary Elizabeth Inman July 5, 1827   Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Mary Louisa Inman June 7, 1816 September 22, 1901 Gilman H. Dudley Elias Inman Mary "Polly" Merrick
Maudy B Inman about 1876   William B Inman Flora B Folsom
Nellie M Inman about 1878   William B Inman Flora B Folsom
Nelson Augustus Inman October 11, 1850   Benjamin Franklin Inman Eliza Willey
Orilla J Inman about 1854 August 22, 1943 Oscar Stover Page, Stillman Drew, William Henry MacIntosh Charles Inman Sarah Daughty
Priscilla Inman   after 1830 Stephen Page  
Rhoda E Inman about 1853 December 28, 1895 Charles Levi Page William Inman Abigail
Rosanna Inman about 1838 January 20, 1916 Benjamin W. Cowan, Daniel J Carey Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Sarah D Inman about 1855   William Inman Abigail
Sophronia A Inman about 1846 March 9, 1897 Samuel F Price William Inman Abigail
Steward Inman about 1812 before 1892 Martha Jane Page  
Susannah Inman about 1818 December 12, 1903 Josiah Dolley Benjamin Inman Rhoda Davis
Thomas Inman     Anna Spencer Joseph Inman Annabel Page
Thomas Inman about 1859   William Inman Abigail
William Inman     Betsey  
William Inman 1779 Betsy Spencer Joseph Inman Hannah Covill
William Inman about 1810 Abigail  
William B Inman about 1841 June 30, 1897 Flora B Folsom William Inman Abigail
Zachariah Inman 1850   William Inman Abigail