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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ann Ellen May 4, 1861 July 15, 1939 Dennis Francis O'Leary James Sloan Bridget "Biddy" Cunningham
Ann 1840 January 31, 1918 Bernard Colgan James Sloan Lindon
Anna Marie September 18, 1910 November 11, 1989 John J. McNamara Matthew Sloan Lucy T Rodgers
Bridget September 27, 1868   James Sloan Bridget "Biddy" Cunningham
Bridget James McCartan  
Catherine 1835 1925 Thomas O'Rourke  
Catherine 1863   James Sloan Bridget "Biddy" Cunningham
David February 21, 1876   James Sloan Mary Brennan
Elizabeth about 1844 October 24, 1902 Patrick McAvoy  
Ellen Maria August 22, 1873   James Sloan Mary Brennan
Francis 1877   James Sloan Mary Brennan
Henry     Mary Colgan  
Henry Catherine Colgan  
Hugh   Henry Sloan Catherine Colgan
Hugh Mary Ann Rourke  
James   Mary Brennan  
James     Bridget “Biddy” Cunningham  
James     Lindon  
James   Henry Sloan Catherine Colgan
John or James     Mary  
Lucy March 2, 1916 August 9, 1983 Michael R. Henry Matthew Sloan Lucy T Rodgers
Mary February 1852 August 14, 1919 Francis Colgan John or James Sloan Mary
Mary   Henry Sloan Catherine Colgan
Matthew A April 4, 1912 January 24, 1991 Matthew Sloan Lucy T Rodgers
Matthew April 27, 1879 September 14, 1917 Lucy T Rodgers James Sloan Mary Brennan
Peter 1865   James Sloan Bridget "Biddy" Cunningham
Rose between 1870 and 1872 November 24, 1935 Richard Farrell Daniel Sloan
Rose   Henry Sloan Catherine Colgan
Sarah March 8, 1871   James Sloan Bridget "Biddy" Cunningham
Selina November 12, 1849 March 16, 1938 Thomas Sands, Henry O'Rourke Henry Sloan Catherine Colgan
Susan July 22, 1909 July 1, 2000 Carl E. Toomey Matthew Sloan Lucy T Rodgers
Susan December 8, 1870   James Sloan Mary Brennan
Susan May 12, 1835 after 1911 Daniel Sands Henry Sloan Mary Colgan
Thomas 1874 Sarah McAvoy James Sloan Mary Brennan

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